October 14, 2007

Get Moving!

We have a new blog location!

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There will no longer be any current posts to this blog but all the old posts are still here.

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October 05, 2007


Sienna has now been on solids for about 2 weeks! I made a video of her first feeding and man, am I goofy! I'm sure I will be a pure embarassment to her in front of her friends when that time comes. LOL. Here is a picture of her 2nd feeding. She wasn't crazy about it but I think she's getting into it. The first few days I gave her rice cereal and then switched it to barley cereal. I don't know if it's the barley she likes better or the fact that she is just getting used to it. Wouldn't it be funny if she didn't like rice?


Here she is grabbing at the camera strap and trying to put it in her mouth!


And using the sippy cup today!


Me and Sienna have actually been trying to keep busy. We signed up for a Music Together class in Bay Ridge (hope to have some pics soon). She seems to be enjoying it. And we've met up with Diana and her 4 month old Dakota at Prospect Park twice so far. And I hope to start taking her into the city more often.

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