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February 26, 2006

The last day

The last day of our trip was bright and sunny, of course! So we decided to take the bus to Golden Gate Bridge and walk across it for a bit. What a difference the sun makes! It was great! Then we took the bus down to Haight Ashbury and had lunch at this great taco place. Too bad I forgot the name. This picture was taken in H-A, what great colors! I love the architecture in SF!


Then from H-A, we walked back to our hotel in the south section of Nob Hill! I think we lost our marbles on this trip! The walk wasn't too bad but the last few blocks were tough! We passed Japantown on the way.


The next morning we woke bright and early to catch our noon flight. The ride back was more pleasant than the ride going, must be that 1 hour less travel.

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February 24, 2006

San Francisco day 2


We started the day with breakfast at Golden Coffee a couple of blocks from our hotel. What a nice little coffee shop and cheap! Then we head over to Chinatown to walk around and check it out. We walked around a bit and when we started to get hungry, we walked over to the Financial District to try one of San Francisco's best dim sum places (as it said on Citysearch). We went to Yank Sing. While researching the best dim sum places, I was dismayed to see that only a few were in Chinatown but it's not as big as New York's Chinatown. Anyway, looking back, we should have known we were in for a big surprise when the bill came. First, the restaurant was pretty fancy looking, no dragon or phoenix on the walls. Second, the servers all spoke very good English. Third, they were selling their museum tea pot for $98, granted it was cool looking but a little steep for what it is. Fourth, they only open 4 hours every day. We knew we were going to pay a little more than usual but we did not expect a $65 bill! Wow! We were in shock. We had 8 freakin' dishes! And they were ok, not like New York dim sum, not as greasy but dim sum is supposed to be greasy!!



After we recovered from the shock, we went on the BART and headed over to Berkeley. Mainly just to ride the BART. We walked around the neighborhood for a little bit, got some coffee and headed back.


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February 20, 2006

No Rice-O-Roni for us!


We just got back from our whirlwind weekend in San Francisco. Here are the details of our trip!
We arrived Thursday night after a grueling 6.5 hour flight via Song (Delta). I do have to say the exit out of the airport was one of the smoothest. By the time we got to baggage claim, our bags plopped right out of the hole! We found our shuttle van, picked up a few more people and off to Hotel Carlton. A very cute hotel! The decor was Mediterranean/Asian and the staff were super friendly. The walls were a bit thin and the doors slam shut but still a worthwhile place. Since we were so beat from the flight, we decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel Saha - Arabic fusion. Their hummus and Morrocan bread was delicious! My lamb shank was a bit bland and Yves was too congested to really taste his BBQ salmon and shrimp.

If you really want to read more, continue...

Friday was raining and overcast but we went ahead with our plan. We took the cable car on Powell Street to Fisherman's Wharf. It was $5 a pop, more than I remembered it to be but it's a fun experience. It started to really rain when we got down there and we got a ferry over to Alcatraz. It was colder than we expected so I had to go buy a fleece and Yves got a knitted hat.


After Alcatraz we had chowder in a sourdough bread dough at Boudin's. My cousin was supposed to meet us afterwards but 2 hours later calls and tells me she's not after all. Our next stop is Vista point at the Golden Gate Bridge and we start walking in that direction to catch a bus. It had stopped raning by then so we decided to forego the bus and kept walking. We ended up walking all the way there. We walked so much my shoe cracked on the bottom! We were exhausted by the time we got there. I think the killer was those steep and long stairs right by the bridge. After spending some time at the bridge, we waited for the bus to take us back to the hotel. The ride didn't take too long. We found it funny that the bus we had to transfer to was down the block from the bus stop we got off at. How weird!

For dinner, we took a short walk to a Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood. We hobbled slowly back to the hotel afterwards, still aching from the walk.

More tomorrow!

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February 14, 2006

Hot Stuff

Last night was the February mixer and we had it at Black Bear Lodge. It was a very cute, cozy lodgey bar and the bartender was very nice. This was my mix, which also went out to the get crafty swap and the swap-bot cd swap! This mix got around!



Happy St. Valentine's day everyone!

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February 12, 2006

The Skippy Winter Olympics

The snow started around 4ish yesterday but it didn't stick at first. It didn't seem to stick until sometime after 8. Pete and Joy came over for dinner. I made Penne Ala Vodka (came out ok) but Joy made this awesome Walnut Goat Cheese salad. YUM!

So this morning we woke up to a mound of snow! I tried to take Skippy out for his walk but the snow was just too high and there was no way he could do his business! He needed help going down the stairs and I couldn't help but take pictures of his dilemma! He is just too cute!

He's surveying the situation.

He's attempting the downslope.

He seems to be stuck!

Woohoo! He's made it down the stairs!

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February 06, 2006

Sheepshead Bay


Last month I finally got my Minolta back from the shop. I took it in right before Halloween. I missed the depth of field the 7HI gave me, although it's not evident in this shot. We finally went down by the water and took Skippy with us to enjoy the different view.

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February 02, 2006

Earn that 2 cent increase!

Another great mail day today but I don't understand why the mail carrier crams all the mail into the box. First of all, he/she is putting it in the wrong mail box and second, he/she doesn't separate the mail. There are 3 apartments here, man! Granted one mailbox is separate from the other two but I refuse to believe they don't see the other two. You'd have to be blind! Well, here is what came in the last few days. I was without internet access all day yesterday but that's just a crazy ongoing story I don't want to go into now.

This card Dana sent me last week but it got sent back to her! Her return address is on the other side of the stamp and although there's a big TO and the stamps on the same side as the TO address, they sent it to her address on the other side. Sigh...so she resent it and put it in an envelope but I win out anyway cuz wait till you see the envelope!


Here is the envelope she had to resend it in:



And here's a great piece I got from Sue yesterday. The fibers made it and everything!



More fun stuff from Barb!



And a colorful piece from Bobbie!



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