May 16, 2007

Funny Faces

My mother in law sent me a mother's day card that I got the other day. She included a few pictures that she took of me and Sienna while she was staying with us. These 2 really cracked me up because of the funny face my daughter is making at me. (holy crap, my daughter!!


While they were here, my father in law also bought a new Macbook so we are now able to do the video ichat with them. It's so cool!! Yves took a screen capture of a recent conversation.


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January 07, 2006

My favorite icon!

Check it out, I found out how to make those little icons that go into the url line of your browser! I always wondered how to do one and I stumbled upon the directions from thimble. Unfortunately, it only seems to work in firefox (which everybody should be using anyway) and netscape. Can't figure out how to make it work in safari. Screw IE, I won't even bother with that browser! Of course I can't figure out how to change it in the archives or individual date postings. Oh well.

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