June 17, 2006


That's Karen Duffy being interviewed.

Went to the Renegade Craft Fair with Brenda and Pete. Me and Brenda got there around 12:15 and they ran out of goody bags already! wow! I was able to resist buying the ton of cute stuff until I got to the Repro Depot. They had scrap fabric, $16 for a pound. I ended up spending $23 and the scraps were actually pretty big.

Then I couldn't resist these skull and crossbone charms and kissing charm from Sacred Kitsch Studio.

Then we found these awesome first aid buttons from Scraps of Paper. The woman said she found this Better Homes and Garden First Aid book from the 70's. Pete bought like 10 buttons (including a Nancy Drew one) and bought the last one of a guy giving a piggyback ride to another guy. The crabby button is from Fishcakes.

Then I couldn't resist this laughing bunny pouch from Sewing Stars.

It was fun to walk around and see what everyone had. Some things were hard to resist but then I ran out of cash and was getting hungry. Pete took me to this polish place called Raymund's Place.




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May 22, 2006

Camera heaven!



Jackie, whom I know from the toycamera website, was getting rid of some old cameras. I bought this shitload of cameras from her for a very good price and picked them up from her yesterday. She's in Brooklyn, too. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with most of them.

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May 12, 2006

Puppy cut and Piddleloop

Yesterday I took Skippy to get his hair cut. With summer coming and having a warm spring so far, we decided to get a puppy cut for him. Basically it means cutting all his hair off. He looks so cute, he reminds me of a chihuahua. His hair is so short you can see his little pee pee! LOL!


And today in my mailbox, I received my order from piddleloop! After resisting her super cute pouches and buttons, I finally relented. I did work 2 days this month, so far!

I bought 3 pouches from her. The orange one with felt monkey is mine, of course! And the other 2 are for presents so I'm not going to show that as a close up. I also ordered 2 bunny buttons from Jen. One with a moustache and one without. And she gave me extra goodies! Yay! I love extra goodies and I think any good company should do that! I got a nifty tissue pouch with a cat lounging fabric (much like my cat!) A neat fabric flower pin with some of my favorite colors, orange and lime green! and extra buttons from the moustache factory. And super cool monkey notecards. Yay!! Thanks Jen! And shipping was super fast too!


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