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June 25, 2007

We just need Daddy and JP!

Carol-Anne and Gaby came to town Saturday night so on Sunday we all got together for a picnic at the same park we went to on Memorial day. The weather was beautiful! Gaby is a doll! She is such a happy baby just like in her photos. And speaking of photos...






just missing Sylvain and Eli

I could always photoshop Daddy and JP in!

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June 23, 2007

On a fabric kick

I'm trying hard not to be a procrastinator (HA!) and one of the projects I wanted to do was cover a baby photo album given to me at my baby shower. Although I already put photos in it, I don't think it matters. I still had the bunny fabric left over from when I did the curtains in Sienna's room.


This is a super easy craft that doesn't require any sewing, just gluing. I got all my materials together and just glued! I also painted some wooden letters and glued them on the side. For the inside, I cut some cardboard and glued some pink fabric (also from the curtains) to them. Super easy! Done in one day!


I also mentioned last week going overboard at the Reprodepot booth

and since I still had fabric that I bought from them at last year's craft fair, I just had to get on the ball. I decided to make this really cute loop bag from here and OH MY GOODNESS! Look!! I did it!!



I took pains to make sure I was doing everything as good as I could. Of course I kinda screwed up the top stitching, it was kinda crooked and I didn't realize you can take a piece off of your sewing machine to fit the bag in through the arm but oh well. There were many firsts with this bag! I made templates out of cardboard (I figured if this bag works out, I'll make it for gifts!) I used interfacing. I made 2 loops. My boxy bottom is not lopsided! Look how cute it is!! I used it to go out to walk Skippy and to run to the store and had handy place for my wallet and keys!

I got so gung ho about sewing, I decided to tackle making a placemat for Skippy. The clear vinyl I ordered came last week and I wanted to try it out before it collected dust. Well, the placemat is still a work in progress. I didn't realize that it was difficult to sew on vinyl! But I found some tips online and will finish it off this week.

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June 21, 2007

Outta This World

Last night was the June mixer. We were originally supposed to have it at Puck Fair but since it was their anniversary celebrations, the bar was mad packed from what I heard, I hadn't even made it to the bar! My cell phone started vibrating madly during dinner with accounts of people getting turned away and so many people that it was spilling out to the front. Long story short, we ended up at Grassroots Tavern, a nice dive like bar on St. Marks. I only say it's dive like because the bathroom was pretty decent. Last night's mixer was the biggest crowd we had in a long time. It was also Bill's last mixer as a New Yorker. A bunch of us chipped in and got him and Laura a gift card to Morton's Steakhouse (with locations in NYC and Chicago-which is where they are going), I made chocolate chip cookies and Alison bought cupcakes from Billy's. Below is our first ever group photo in honor of Bill's departure.


I'll post the scan of the card I made in another post. Here was my mix, also in honor of Bill cuz he's outta this world!


1. Theme From Space Island • !!!
2. Stars All Seem To Weep • Beth Orton
3. Sky Starts Falling • Doves
4. Shooting Star • Elliott Smith
5. Full Of Stars • Turin Brakes
6. The Moon • Cat Power
7. Honey And The Moon • Joseph Arthur
8. When The Stars Go Blue • Ryan Adams
9. Space Ho's • Danger Doom
10. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead • Gorillaz
11. Down With Moonlight • The Rakes
12. If Only The Moon Were Up • Field Music
13. 7 Stars • Apples In Stereo
14. Man In The Moon • Voice of the Beehive
15. No Stars • Figures On A Beach
16. Lost In Space • Fountains Of Wayne
17. Jesus Came From Outta Space • Supergrass

I lovingly got teased for sewing my cover this month and cutting out stars for my track list. And of course it didn't stop when they learned I made the card for Bill and Laura and baked cookies. HA!

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June 19, 2007

Action packed weekend



We went out with Sienna almost everyday this past weekend. On Friday I thought it would be nice to go out to lunch at a kid friendly place with Sienna. I settled on Two Boots in Park Slope but little did I realize how much traffic there was and how hard parking was going to be! Then we tried equally kid friendly Bubbys in Dumbo. That was my original plan but the reviews said the service was really lacking and I didn't want to waste my time. HA! I ended up wasting more time just getting down there with the traffic! So we finally ended up at Metzals on Atlantic Avenue. It was pretty empty so Sienna's carriage wasn't in anyone's way. While down there, I finally went and checked out Sahadi's. That place has been there forever and I remember going to school with Renee Sahadi. We were in band together and she played clarinet. Anyway, I got Turkish apricots there and they are delicious! And half the price of Russ and Daughters! Now I don't have to go to LES for my dried apricot fix anymore.

Saturday we went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg. I went last year with Peter and Brenda. Brenda got a late start so was not able to meet up with her. I managed to overdo it at the Reprodepot booth. I couldn't resist all their fun fabrics and ended up spending almost $60!! I better start sewing! Since we were close, I had to check out Peter Pan Donuts, people say this is the best donuts in NYC. I have to say, they were pretty good and I even give them a slight edge over our place on Avenue U but Yves is sticking with our place.

Saturday we were up early to meet the members of Kagero for their photoshoot down in Coney Island. I used my holga and my horizon and will be picking up the film on Wed. Can't wait to see them. It was super fun and all the band members were really cool.


Silvia was nice enough to come along so she can watch Sienna. She said it was a pleasure as Sienna slept most of the time!


Later that day Mummy and the Chopards came over to celebrate Father's day and so we can do a video conference with Daddy and JP down in Jamaica. Mummy cooked delicious Jamaican dishes. Poor mummy fell down the stairs on Friday and broke her wrist and had to get stitches in her lip! Here she is sipping wine through a straw.


a cute picture of Liz with Sienna and Maia.

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June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!


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June 11, 2007


I don't mean for this blog to become the Sienna blog but it has been requested that I update the blog more with Sienna pictures! And since Sienna is my most current and ongoing project, I must oblige! I will try to post other things going on as well but for now, Sienna is going on!


We received this real cute handmade onesie from Ingrid a friend from the fotolog days. She does a whole bunch of stuff for her dog Tony.

JW and his girlfriend Silvia came over for lunch yesterday and to meet her majesty. I keep forgetting to take pictures of Sienna with other people! So, you'll just have to see her with her dad. HA


And poor Skippy, trying to get affection wherever he can!


Sienna has also taken to trying to suck her hand. We think she's trying to get a thumb but since she hasn't figured out how to make a fist and stick her thumb out, she sticks her whole hand in there. It's also her left hand so I wonder if she'll be a lefty.


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June 05, 2007

Rochester Roadtrip Success!

This past weekend we took our first family trip to Rochester, NY. Tammy and Mark were getting married and we really did not want to miss it. So we packed up the car (my dad's) and headed to Western NY on Friday. Mapquest said it would take 6 hours and with Sienna, we weren't sure how long it would actually take. We left around 9:45 am and with 3 stops, got to the Hyatt at 4:30. Not bad!!


I was laughing really hard watching Yves come up the little hotel 'elevator' with Sienna that I had to take a picture. And here is Sienna in her first hotel room! LOL


All the things we were worried about that might happen did not happen. She slept like a log in the hotel crib, she didn't cry during the wedding ceremony and she was generally a good girl throughout the whole trip!! For dinner on Friday, I went to get Dinosaur BBQ, which was only 2 blocks away! YUM! I took it to go to eat in our hotel room. We really didn't want to put Sienna back into the car seat to go out again after subjecting her to it for over 6 hours. Saturday morning, we went to breakfast at one of the places Tammy had suggested. Another successful restaurant outting with Sienna!! I guess as long as there is room for her carriage, there really shouldn't be much of a problem. She is such a good girl!


She woke up just in time for the couple to walk down the aisle!


She was asleep throughout the whole cocktail hour and we were right next to the musicians! Many people were disappointed she was asleep, they wanted to play with her. Need I say that she was a big hit with everybody? ;-)


As per her usual, she woke up just as we were sitting down to have dinner. Yves fed her and then I took over to change her. There wasn't any air conditioning at all, just big giant fans, so I wanted to change her out of her thick dress. She started to get cranky after dinner, which was after her usual bedtime. We took her outside and thought maybe the fresh air would help her calm down. Not really. We took her back inside and put her back into her seat and she fell asleep shortly after. And the band was playing loudly in the next room! I was eagerly waiting for the cake cutting, I needed a sweet fix!


They also had 3 trays of pastries. YUM!! I was told there was supposed to be a chocolate fountain but I did not see one. I'll have to talk to Tammy about that when they come back from their honeymoon! How can she tease me with that??


We left around 8:30 on Sunday morning, we took advantage of Sienna napping to get started on the road. I think we only stopped twice but there was also a little traffic. Since I couldn't pack sandwiches for the ride, we stopped for lunch at Friendly's. Another successful restaurant outting with Sienna! LOL We got home around 4:30. All in all a successful trip!

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