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September 19, 2007

Rich and Theresa get married

Rich and Theresa got married on Saturday, Sept. 8 in downtown Chicago. They had about maybe 100 or 150 people? I'm not sure but it wasn't huge and it was as small as ours. The ceremony was held in the private dining room at Spiaggia along with cocktail hour and dinner. The food was terrific but more on that later. Since Yves was best man we arrived early to be involved in the pictures. There was a beautiful gazebo across from the restaurant, a popular spot for wedding couples as we can see it from the window. I didn't know me and Sienna were also in the pictures or else I would have changed Sienna into her pretty dress a lot earlier! I hope Theresa didn't mind!


Because Chicago had so much rain, the mosqitos were plentiful and of course I got bit! 4 times!! So after we were done with our part of the pictures, we went in search of a Walgreens to buy some creme. On the way back, we saw the couple getting their picture taken on the median.


Yves went to take a horizon picture of them and got into the picture!


We went back to the restaurant and hung out until it was time for the ceremony at 6. Sienna got a big kick out of Bob, Rich's dad. He was making her laugh and laugh and not even doing anything goofy. I have video of it. And here is Martha, Rich's mom, hanging out with Sienna.


I don't have any pictures of the ceremony as I had Sienna and since 6 is her feeding time, was feeding her near the back to keep out of the way. Boy was she farting up a storm during the ceremony! I was hoping no one could really smell it and it turned out she was pooping! I hope that means good luck for the marriage in some cultures! LOL!

I only got to try a couple of hors d'oeuvres since the room got really crowded and Sienna was in her carriage so I wanted to keep out of the way and stayed in the other room. I was kinda bummed about missing all that food, as those who know me know what a glutton I am, but in retrospect it was a good thing I did because the dinner was sooooo good! And I stuffed myself with the bread basket, not surprising! And I ate tomatoes!! The starter was mozzarella and tomato salad. It was fresh buffalo mozzarella (melted in your mouth!) and the tomatoes were little cherry tomatoes but it went so well with the cheese and the olive oil and basil. YUM! The next course was homemade veal ravioli. YUM! There are no pictures of them because I guess I ate it too fast! LOL. Yves got the filet mignon, so tender and I got the fish, flaky on the outside and moist on the inside!


And then the cake! OMG!! Theresa told me all the different layers on there, really, it was like she couldn't decide and decided to have all the cakes in there! And they passed around a tray of homemade gelato and of course I chose mint. DELICIOUS!!


And the happy couple!


Yves was really nervous because he had to do a best man speech. Well, Rich told him he didn't have to but since the maid of honor was saying something, he felt like he had to say something. He did a great job!! Sienna slept thru mostly everything and woke up near the end, around 10. By the time we left, it was pretty late but she fell asleep on the way back to the hotel even before we got lost!

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