July 18, 2006

The 2nd piece

that I made at my newly re-modeled work area is a postcard from Serendipity. She fell in love with this dancer on this postcard advertising Feria de Primavera, a Spanish Spring dance. This is the postcard:


and here is what I did with it:


Does the background look familiar? I ended up mailing it in a little clear plastic envelope because I was worried about the stickiness since I used Xyron to stick all the images on it. The buildings were stamped onto a AI covered matte glossy paper.

Here's another postcard I did for the Handmade PC swap at swap-bot.


I liked the way it turned out. It's an old postcard that I painted and added the asian image from a travel catalog and the chinese characters I embossed onto a cardstock several times and then stamped it when it was still warm.

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June 03, 2006

More crafty goodness

I swear, I will scan some holga shots this weekend!!

But in the meantime, here is a wooden frame I decorated in a Spring theme for a swap on Kat's Pad. I made it for Dana and she got it so it's safe to post.


And some cool mail art from Barb!
MA from Barb0506blog.jpg

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June 02, 2006

Hello I'm a Craft-a-holic

I have 4 rolls of Holga pics from Joshua Tree that I need to scan but I've just been a craftaholic lately and haven't taken much pictures. Plus I got called into a job 2 days this week. Plus I have BBQs on my mind. And I'm home today waiting for the carpet guys to finish putting in the carpet. But I've been keeping busy doing mail art and ATC swaps. Here are some recent pieces:

mail art for lorrablog.jpg
For Lorra in PA. Background done with Alcohol Inks and then stamped on. I'm still experimenting with these inks. I don't think the scan shows all that well.

mail art ATCsblog.jpg
Some ATCs from a swap with the Kat's Pad girls. My theme was Fe-Mail Art

PIF ATCs blog.jpg
ATCs for the 'Pay It Forward' section of nervousness.org. I used the postcards that my friend Pete was sending me.

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April 20, 2006

Mail art and swaps continued

Still catching up with everything and as I started yesterday, here are some more creations!

I made these lavendar satchets for a swap on Kat's pad. They were fun to make but also reminded me that I still can't sew that great! HA!


Here are 3 ATCs I did for a swap on swap-bot. You have to make 3 for 2 partners and so far I've only received 1 set from 1 partner. They were only due to be sent out last Friday so it's still early in the game. I'm still waiting for swaps that were due 2 weeks ago!!


And some recent mail art I've received!
from Becky in California

from Barb in WA

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April 06, 2006

Handmade Card Round Robin

Write to me. Rubber stamped and embossed.

Magic of Music. Rubber stamped and embossed.

Some recent pieces I did for a Handmade Card round robin on postcrossing. Unfortunately, you can't tell from the scan but the stamping along the top in the first one is glittery embossed. The 2nd one, the music sheet is stamped in a pearlescent ink.

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March 13, 2006

Create woman!

Here are some recent (and not so recent) postcards that I made/sent out.

All rubber stamped with embossing and liquid applique (old piece with new sun stamp addition)

All rubber stamped (old piece)

All rubber stamped with embossing (old piece)

Collage and rubber stamps (New piece!)

Collage and rubber stamps (New piece!)

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March 05, 2006

Art update

Trying to catch up on some mail art! I will post some of the stuff I have sent out but in the meantime check out this cool stuff I got in the mail!

Barb in Washington state


Sue in Virginia
Clyde's possing never forgave Bonnie for breaking up the gang.


Heidi in Minnesota


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February 02, 2006

Earn that 2 cent increase!

Another great mail day today but I don't understand why the mail carrier crams all the mail into the box. First of all, he/she is putting it in the wrong mail box and second, he/she doesn't separate the mail. There are 3 apartments here, man! Granted one mailbox is separate from the other two but I refuse to believe they don't see the other two. You'd have to be blind! Well, here is what came in the last few days. I was without internet access all day yesterday but that's just a crazy ongoing story I don't want to go into now.

This card Dana sent me last week but it got sent back to her! Her return address is on the other side of the stamp and although there's a big TO and the stamps on the same side as the TO address, they sent it to her address on the other side. Sigh...so she resent it and put it in an envelope but I win out anyway cuz wait till you see the envelope!


Here is the envelope she had to resend it in:



And here's a great piece I got from Sue yesterday. The fibers made it and everything!



More fun stuff from Barb!



And a colorful piece from Bobbie!



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January 30, 2006

mail, mail, yay!

More great mail art has made it's way to my mail box! I also found a new site to get addicted to but more on that later, let's see some art!

Here's a piece from Barb in Washington State, Hawaiian themed:

And from Bobbie in IN and her modern look:


And Barb sent me another one that came Saturday:

Aren't they fab?! So the new site I found that I'm getting addicted to is Postcrossing. Request an address to send a postcard, input your address in and wait for your mailbox to fill up with stuff besides bills!

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January 24, 2006

Art in the Mail!

I recently put a call out for some mail art in exchange for some rubber stamps that I haven't used in years. I used to be a huge rubber stamper back in college and even before that. I had a gigantic collection, mostly which I sold but I still had a box full of stamps that I put on wood myself. I still rubber stamp but not nearly as much as before once I started finding other mediums and became more of a computer geek. Well, the ladies at my new favorite site, Kat's Pad came through with some terrific mail art. Here is what I have gotten so far, and there will be more coming too!

This came through the mail exactly how Sue from Virginia sent it. This is the front.

and the back.I love the film negative!

Here's Dana's fun card! I love the art/time theme!

the front

the back

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