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July 19, 2006

Life & Death


Last night was the July mixer and we were supposed to have it at The Porch but they were closed for renovations! Grrr!! Bill's wife Laura was meeting him there and discovered it was closed. He called me while I was on the train coming into the city so I made a mad scramble of phone calls changing the venue to d.b.a., the place we went to last month.

I'm not entirely satisfied with my mix. I did it kinda last minute and with it being my birthday month, I originally wanted something happy but with my grandfather dying and going to the wake/funeral right after my birthday really put a downer on things. I've never been to a burial before and there's all this traditional stuff you have to do. So that combined with the heat and humidity we've been having really sacked my energy. I wouldn't say my birthday sucked but I've had better ones. So I came up with this Life & Death theme and used a picture I took at the Greenwood Cemetary.

So it was a wonderful surprise when everyone at the mixer sang happy birthday and gave me a birthday card and cupcakes and cake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. YUMMY!!!! I think I tried just about all of their cupcakes now. The pistachio is always top notch but the red velvet, YUM! Even the chocolate one was good (which I didn't like on a previous trip.) and the carrot cake one. The cake was delicious too with almond paste inside and cute almond bees on top. Yup, I ate that too!! It's my birthday dammit!

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